Effective strategies for betting on boxing in betting shops

Effective strategies for betting on boxing in betting shops

Among all types of martial arts, boxing is a well-deserved “long-liver” in terms of its popularity. Only relatively recently it has been competing with MMA. Boxing is always present in bookmaker’s betting lines, although it is not in the top 5 disciplines in terms of betting volumes. Operators cover all major fights – from title fights for one or more belts to rating events involving little-known athletes. Bookmakers necessarily include the Olympics boxing tournament and fights of world championships in the line.

If we draw parallels with soccer and hockey, the odds for bets on boxing are not as high, but bookmaker margin usually does not rise above 6.5%. Boxing is a very predictable sport, and good analytical work brings good results. But not all bettors are willing to spend time on a comprehensive pre-match analysis, so a truly effective strategy for betting on boxing is in high demand.

In this article, experts will share useful information on how to play by strategy, what systems are suitable for betting on the results of boxing fights, as well as where it is best to bet online. Tips from professionals will be useful for players with any experience in betting.

Is it worth using strategies for betting on boxing?

A haphazard game with unnecessary emotions and chaotic bankroll management will sooner or later lead to losing the whole budget, despite local successes. A good knowledge of boxing is only half of the foundation: no less important are practical betting skills using working strategies.

Here’s a simple example. A bettor bets chaotically, simply by choosing the lowest odds in the spread. In nine cases out of ten (and sometimes less frequently) his bets pass, but a single loss nullifies all progress. There is no long term profit to speak of. Alas, many beginners often act according to this knowingly losing principle. More gamblers choose outcomes with high odds or make express bets in the hope of striking a tangible profit. But this approach is also doomed to failure. Raising the betting amount in the desire to win back, the client simply plummet their entire budget in a short period of time. In turn, the strategies for betting on boxing, combined with high-quality analysis of fights and prudent budget management provide profits in the long run.

How do I bet on boxing if I’m a beginner?

The main task of a beginning player is not to give in to emotions and excitement. Even before you start betting, it is necessary to study the rules of the game in BC, as well as familiarize yourself with the types of bets that are offered in the boxing matches’ listings. Boxing in this aspect is not as complicated as soccer, where the list of some matches includes more than 1000 bets. But you should know the “match” by heart in any case, so that the strategies for betting on boxing really work.

Types of boxing bets

Base outcomes.

The simplest type of betting in any sporting event. Most bettors who make bets on sports bookmakers choose these outcomes for their predictions. They mean the victory of one or the other athlete, as well as a draw result. Draws in professional boxing are rare, so the odds for such outcomes are always very high (over 20.0). Sometimes the victory outcomes are combined with draws, forming “Double Chance” bets. The basic margins in boxing are as follows:

P1 – P2 (victory of the first or second boxer).
1×2 (victory of the first boxer, draw or victory of the second boxer).

Extra Draw outcomes

Full Fight (Yes/No)

A simple market in which the bettor predicts whether the fight will end early or whether the winner will be determined by a decision of the judges.

Total Rounds

A variation of the outcome on which it is necessary to predict the final number of rounds that the boxers will go before the end of the fight. In the bookmakers’ listings are in the form of whole or fractional numbers with the designations of TB (Total Rounds More) and TM (Total Rounds Less). A wager on TM 5 means a prediction that there will be less than five rounds in the fight.

Winning a Round

Not an easy outcome to predict, which is very rarely included in boxing betting strategies. The bettor must predict in which round the fight will end. It is a little easier to bet on a victory in the interval of rounds (for example, P1 in rounds 9-12).

The winning method

Popular among experienced punters is the betting market, on which it is necessary to correctly predict which way one of the boxers will win the fight. The following bets are offered in the bookmakers’ list of bets:

  • Victory by Judgment (on points). The winner is determined by the judges’ notes, and the decision can be unanimous, split, or a majority of the judges.
  • Early Victory (KO or TKO). A bet on this outcome will win if the boxer wins by a clean or technical knockout.
  • Draw. A rather rare outcome for boxing. In addition to the classic draw, this market includes a technical draw (when the fight is stopped before the start of the 3rd round due to an injury of one of the athletes).

Other Outcomes

In championship fights, the line-up may include betting on the number of knockdowns, infractions and points taken off. These outcomes are quite difficult to predict and are rarely used by experienced bettors as part of a boxing betting strategy. Beginners should avoid such bets with high odds and low probability of passing.

Boxing betting strategies for beginners

Minimal risk combined with the accumulation of experience. This is the approach to betting that all beginners should take. If we draw parallels with other sports, including MMA, boxing is a rather predictable contest. In most of the fights covered by bookmakers, it is possible to identify a favorite and an underdog, while fights involving opponents of equal strength account for no more than 10% of the total number.

All effective betting strategies for beginners are based on a deep pre-match analysis. Without knowing the nuances of the sports discipline, you should not even bother with betting. In addition, a successful player should have information about the boxers’ capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses, current conditioning, etc. Before making a bet, it is advisable to watch videos of their previous fights to try to simulate a possible scenario of a face-to-face encounter.

Another important aspect that should be considered by the novice player is a prudent bankroll management (budget management). Always play with fixed amounts allocated for one bet, day or week – so as not to lose all funds from the balance due to several unsuccessful bets and futile attempts to win back.


The simplest financial strategy for betting on boxing, in which the bettor allocates equal amounts of money to all individual bets. Depending on the volume of the bankroll, to play on the flat, take from 1% to 5%. As for odds, it is desirable to choose outcomes with quotes between 1.50 and 2.00. In the case of failure, it is not allowed to increase the betting amount, to cover the loss and come out in the black: stick to the initially chosen plan and do not give in to emotions.


This strategy for betting on boxing can also be recommended to beginners. For betting, choose outcomes with small odds, and limit the betting budget to 5%. The essence of the method is to consistently increase the bet amount after the passage of the previous one. Having put 1000 rubles at odds 1.50, the player receives 1500 rubles “dirty”, and then puts the entire amount on the other outcome with approximately the same odds. If the second bet also passes, for the conclusion of the third take all the profits from it. After the third win in a row it is advisable to stop the ladder and start building a new one with the original amount.

Betting against a favorite

Playing with this system involves a higher risk and requires deep analytical work. To make bets, it is necessary to choose outcomes for the victory of the underdog with odds not exceeding 3.00. Herewith the bettor’s forecast should have a serious basis and the underdog boxer should have real, but not illusory chances to win. Such bets are often successful in bouts of debutant favorites against experienced middlers with a strong jaw and enviable stamina.

Risky Betting Strategies in the BM

Experienced players take fewer risks than novice bettors. But they often gamble with high stakes, which in turn gives them a larger net profit.

Catch-up – a financial strategy for boxing betting

A well-known approach, which is based on mathematical calculation. For successful add-ons, the player must have a solid bankroll at his disposal, because the series can reach up to ten bets. The amount of each of them will be more than twice the previous bet. For the game suitable outcomes with odds of at least 2.00, and the size of the first bet should be calculated on the basis of the size of the bankroll.

If the first bet turns out to be unsuccessful, the bettor doubles the amount for the second bet, putting a small plus in this amount – not only to keep the money, but also to win. If the second bet also fails, the player continues to “catch up” on the same principle – and so on until a successful wagering.

For all its mathematical simplicity, this financial strategy for betting on boxing has a couple of drawbacks. The first disadvantage is the aforementioned solid budget, which must have a player. The second is a possible limitation of the maximum betting limit from the bookmaker’s office. If this limit turns out to be less than the required amount of bets in the catch-up, it will be impossible to win back.

Betting on a favorite

Another uncomplicated approach to playing in the BC, which requires a considerable financial investment if your goal is a big win. Bettor bets a large sum on the victory of the favorite with odds not exceeding 1.50. The smaller the odds, the lower the risk of loss, but the net profit depends on the bet amount and quotes. When placing a bet, a player should be firmly confident in the success of the chosen boxer, and confidence should be based on the results of scrupulous analysis.

Boxing betting strategies

The choice of true boxing experts who invest in their profound knowledge of the sport. As such, there is no strict systematicity in gaming strategies, but the bettor relies on a number of priority and secondary factors, thereby “reading” and predicting the course of a boxing match.

If the betting is done in real time (Live), the player pays attention to the following indicators:

  • The fight plan chosen by each boxer in the opening rounds. An athlete who works the first number and conducts frequent attacks with multi-strike combinations, risks losing stamina in the second half of the fight.
  • Physical condition of athletes. To fight within their weight class limits many boxers exhaust themselves with heavy weights. If already at the start of the fight one of the fighters is less active than usually and at the official weigh-in one day before the fight he did not look good, it means that the recuperation was not successful.
  • The difference in speed/punching power. It happens so that the boxers of approximately the same rating in correspondence comparison look absolutely equal opponents. But when they meet in the ring, a noticeable difference in speed or punching power catches your eye. If you notice such a “beacon” in the first round, adjust your forecast in favor of the identified favorite.
  • Injuries, cuts. As soon as a boxer gets a “cut”, bruise or sprain, his chances of winning begin to fall rapidly. If this happens after the start of the third round, the option of a technical draw is eliminated. And the task – the bettor in time to react to such a change in the balance of power.

To increase their chances of winning when betting before the sporting event, players with experience and a good understanding of boxing, analyze such moments as:

  • The age, experience and rating of the boxers.
  • Percentage of early wins and losses.
  • Regularity of performances.
  • Presence of recent injuries.
  • Changes in the coaching group.
  • Reliable news from the specialized media, insider sources.
  • Quotes in the bookmakers’ lines, changes in odds during the week before the match.