Statistical and analytical services for boxing bets

Statistical and analytical services for boxing bets

Boxing is less popular with bettors than soccer or tennis, but that does not mean that betting on boxing is an unprofitable venture.

Why analyze boxing

There are basic details in betting on fights without which you can’t turn a profit:

  • Irregularity. Unlike gambling sports, where teams have busy schedules, professional boxers have 1-3 fights a year.
  • Weight classes. Boxing has a large number of weight classes, which athletes periodically change. Often a fighter who is successful in one weight class, moving to another turns out to be unconvincing.
  • The influence of the judges on the outcome. Unlike soccer or tennis, where the referee can only influence a few controversial points, in boxing the referees completely determine the outcome of the fight (unless the match ends with a knockout).
  • Opponents are chosen by promoters. It is not uncommon when managers to promote their fighter for a long time to select his “convenient” opponents.
  • A large number of unknown fighters. In team sports, the same clubs play for years, in boxing, a lot of new names appear all the time. Sometimes bookmakers, not having the information about the new fighters, greatly inflate the odds on them.

The importance of analyzing fights

In boxing betting, it is important to study the list of previous opponents. You should assess how they corresponded to the level of the upcoming opponent. Also, the anthropometry and physiological features of the fighters, their former and current weight class play a big role.

Studying odds is necessary for two things: to bet more profitable (and maybe find a fork), and secondly, the movement of odds in boxing provides more information than pre-match boxing predictions from journalists and TV experts.

Popular boxing statistics and analytics services – a database where you can find comprehensive information on each boxer: personal data, height, weight class, arm span, rating, fight history, etc.

In the Rating and Schedule sections you can see the rating of the fighters and the schedule of the next fights. The Date section allows you to view fights on a certain day.

Myscore displays the history of fighters’ meetings. What’s important: you can see not only the result of the match, but also in what round the fight ended. This allows you to highlight the category of fighters who tend to finish their fights early.

Myscore also allows you to see what odds the bookies offered. And if a boxer has won 20 wins in a row with odds of 1.01 – 1.04, it may not indicate his strength, but the weakness of his opponents.

Oddsportal. Here you can also find the statistics of past fights. The resource allows you to analyze the movement of the line on a large number of bookmakers.